About Eva

I’m Eva and I’m a freelance writer, MSW, and aspiring YA novelist (currently seeking representation). I created Brimming when, like so many moms before me, I found myself feeling totally overwhelmed and isolated by the job.

I spent so many of those early milk-soaked days scrawling the internet for connection, brimming with ideas and fears, hoping someone would reach through the computer to tell me what I was feeling was normal, what I was experiencing was okay, and tell me how to do this whole mom/writer/life thing. Brimming is the space where all these thoughts landed.

Writing is my therapy. It saves me from isolation, depression and helped me find my identity in motherhood, as well as my purpose on this earth.

If Brimming helps other moms/aspiring authors/interesting humans to fill your own pitcher, I will have done my job.

I live in Oakland, California with my husband and son. I love to gab about books, television and the beauty and horrors of motherhood. I’m a casual follower of astrology, a devoted follower of the Golden State Warriors, and a rabid follower of dreams.

I’m most active on Instagram, but you can follow me at all the socials. Send me a dm, email, or comment if you want to dish!

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I am currently available for freelance opportunities and collaborations: brimmingblog@gmail.com

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